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Mentoring Gardens Market

Granola! Regular and GlutenFree!
Help a job, a dream, a possibility!

Order Your Granola HERE!  Regular/Natural Varieties and  Gluten Free varieties!  With every bite you're helping a job, a dream, a possibility!

Mercy Street Films L3C


A COAT OF ARMS Feature Film!  Filming has begun! It's ordinary heroes that walk the paths less traveled who make life extraordinary! 

The Music Box Project


Writers & Collaborators Welcome! 

The EduCare Foundation, Inc. (501c3 Non Profit) dba CareNowInc.Org


Encouraging Hearts to Care through Media, Music, and Educational Missions!

The ARK Schoolhouse

Home School Support, Eduational Support, Resources, Activities, Community Connections

Home & Educational Support and Resources to our community!


Community Music Science Art Talent for HOPE